Posted by: cehwitham | September 9, 2006

Burger King Cutting Corners

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time in forums and blogs and just generally surfing for the latest internet innovation then you’re probably also into fast food.  In particular one of my favorites is Burger King.  I like to endorse healthy eating so here I will just add that they do put salad in their burgers which contributes to one of your five a day!  My friend Joe and I were in Centertainment Burger King in Sheffield one night this week in preparation for a movie when we noticed something rather odd.
We were waiting for our meal and just chatting as you do in these types of places when we spotted the artwork for the Whopper Meal.  Now I don’t normally bother using the energy to raise my eyes skywards to see the pictures, I know I want the XL Double Bacon Cheese Burger.  But this day I was feeling particularly energetic and glanced side wards to see the XL Whopper Meal Picture.  It looked familiar.  Now of course a burger is a burger and they’re going to look similar.  But these two pictures were just too similar.  I told Joe and he agreed so we looked a little closer.

Three drops of water on the slice of tomato, two bits of lettuce, one bit of cheese, one burger and 157 seeds all in the same place on top of the same shade of brown bun.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  They were exactly the same picture of the same burger!  The guy serving us had noticed we were making some commotion over the picture boards and asked us what we found so amusing.  He craned his neck and peered at the looming burgers.  “They are” he said with a some what excited voice, as if he’d discovered gravity.

So there you are.  Next time your hit with a freak health warning about junk food just relax, safe in the knowledge that the big corporate companies are cutting corners well before they get to the food!



  1. hehe…gud times! of course, the XL bacon double chesse IS the king of burgers! 😛

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