Posted by: cehwitham | September 9, 2006

Wow HP!

Has anyone else noticed the quality range of products HP is currently turning out?

I have always been impressed with them especially their printers which I have been using since we got our first home computer back in the dark ages.  However since I bought my HP PDA around this time last year I have noticed they seem to be miles ahead in just about everything.  I have recently advised my parents into the purchase of a HP 7480 desktop PC which is so well designed I consider it an art form.  HP seems to understand the user’s needs and encourage the user to explore without ripping them off.

Instead of just the standard 2 USB ports on the front of the tower HP boast 2 USB, 1 Firewire, Headphone and Mic sockets, Stereo Phono Audio, and Video in. Before this purchase my father (who started the geek inspiration in my life) didn’t know Windows Media player existed and now has his entire music collection (2 John Denver CD’s and a Moody Blues box set) on the removable media drive and wants a DV camera so he can  make home movies!  He watches TV through his broadband connection and is adamant on getting ever last drop of usability out of the machine.  Unfortunately I think HP have put too much great stuff in the box and so it will keep dad busy long into his retirement, when he gets there. (Not long now dad!)

I am also very impressed with HP’s budget colour Laser printers of which a number have been installed at a local school I do some work for.  A few years ago you would have considered spending £200 on a colour inkjet and now there is no need!

So here is to HP.  Good job chaps!



  1. How does he watch TV through the broadband ?


  2. You forgot to mention my Frank Sinatra tapes!

  3. Sorry Dad hadn’t realised you had used the power ofthe HP monster to hook up your tape deck to record over. Very neat.

    You get the option to view T.V. over the internet in Windows XP Media centre. You have to pay a small subscription charge by credit card and then you’re away. I have recently been getting used to watching the news over the BBC broadband service whilst wating my breakfast in a morning. You can choose which bits you watch so you don’t have to watch endless bore of bits you’re not interested in.


  4. not only that but my source informs be they make excellent sauce as well. naturally it is easily compatible with other HP products – such as on a nice bacon butty while browsing the net ;o)

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