Posted by: cehwitham | September 10, 2006

Wi-Fi Makes It Possible

So it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m sat doing a bit of surfing in my study when I remember the Italian Grand Prix is already half way through. So I’m in a bit of a dilemma, F1 or web? I really want to do both but how, the TV is downstairs.

Now I haven’t had my D-Link wireless router for long and only ever access the internet in my office. So suddenly I realized that I can take my laptop downstairs and watch


the F1 and work on the internet. Now I know Wi-Fi isn’t new technology but I think it’s great! Having recently been on a sailing trip and accessed the internet through over a dozen marina access points and having installed a wireless router at my parent’s house I have found the technology really useful.

I was also excited about Norwich’s plans to further extend their city wide Wi-Fi network which they are offering for free to residents for the mean time at least. It seems a great idea at first but raises some interesting security and costing questions but an interesting project to keep your eyes on.

So let’s look to the future, it’d be great to hear your views on the idea of totally wireless Britain. I think it would really utilize the use of web applications.



  1. Though I like the idea of wireless technology, I still think that certain applications have a long way to go.

    For instance, we have a wireless network set up in the flat, and despite the relatively close proximity of all the devices concerned, the access speeds can vary dramatically. Now this is perfectly fine for surfing the Internet, transferring documents and so forth, but when it comes to transferring media, waiting over an hour to transfer a movie is nothing short of frustrating.

    I won’t be going back to wires purely because of the inconvenience, but I would be interested if fast wireless networking became more widely available.

    The idea of offering wireless to an entire area is interesting, and whilst I would worry about the security of such a wide, open network, with some thought and proper implementation, it could pave the way for something more national.

  2. I definitely understand the feeling. Before I moved from the states to europe, the movers had come and packed my stuff including my computer. But I still had my modem and router, so next to the cable outlet i had the modem and router and I was sitting in a nother room working on the laptop. It was very nice.

  3. i’m posting this in a lecture theartre…the campus is wi-fi packed!

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