Posted by: cehwitham | September 14, 2006

Imagination 404!

I came across this website when I was googling a local school. Now the 404 error page is not normally regarded as the most important page of your site. It is commonly found in its default black and white, Times New Roman state that it has laid in since the creation of the error.

More recently people have started adding customized 404 error pages to their websites to show that you are in fact still on their site just the content you have requested can not be displayed. This however has to be the most imaginative, glorified and exciting 404 error page I have ever seen!

It shows to the user that these people care, that everything matters and that they have a great sense of humor. A big thank you to the bods at Sheffield Hallam University for making my rainy Thursday morning a little brighter.

Talking of bright, did anyone see Mr. (Scott) Brightside’s T-Shirt last night?



  1. I can’t believe it ! I’ve worn that T-shirt like a hundred times before and no-ones said a word. Then all of a sudden I’m like a beacon for daddy longlegses. I blame the lighting in that place – far too brightside for my liking…

  2. Yup must be those very new high luminescent fluorescing tube lights. Just be thankful they didn’t have the spots on. If one of those hit you, you’d have more bugs than a rotten log!

  3. Oh my! An error page that actually makes you laugh.

    Now if the boys at Microsoft cottoned on we could all spend all day in fits of laughter!

  4. Well designed 404 pages? What next?
    A brilliant idea as hitting a 404 page on a site always makes me frown and think “Stupid amatuers” but this would temper my anger and make a slight smile spread across my face.
    Think I’ll be pinching that idea for any future sites i design.

  5. This is a brilliant idea!!
    It only show you that people care all aspects of their website.
    Its about time people will start think out of the box.

    I love it!

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