Posted by: cehwitham | September 16, 2006

iPod Video

This week has seen a lot of hype about the new iPod nano and Shuffles that Apple claim are “completely remastered”.  There also seems to be a lot of hype about the iPod Video that allows you to watch Films and selected TV anywhere you go.  Apple are planning an expansion of their iTunes site to include Video and have links with some huge names in the film industry.  Apple also plans to have their iTV service up and running by 2007.

It would appear that iPod users will soon be more visual learners.  However it also seems that they will be less wealthy.  With the new iPod Videos starting around $249 and then you have to pay extra to download movies and TV onto it, it is not a cheap gimmick.  Ok they boast a 30 GB HDD but the screen is only a few inches across.  Not so great when you’re trying to watch your favorite wide screen movie in 4:3 aspect jiggling around on the tube.  I would like to offer an alternative.

Apple are trying to make out that this is new technology and that it’s the latest craze, the must have.  However portable video is not this Christmas’ must have gift.  I have been watching portable video for over a year now and have a much healthier pocket that my iPod colleagues.  I own a HP iPAQ which lacks the 30 GB HDD but includes Windows Mobile, an organizer, calendar, Wi-Fi internet access, built in speakers, voice recorder and much more including a very bright 4 inch widescreen display, far better for watching films and all for only £200.

But what about the movies, I hear you ask.  Well… HP do a neat little piece of software called DVD Catalyst that converts the DVD’s that you already own into a 256Mb file that plays through Windows Media Player.  The quality is exceptional and it sounds great through the speakers or headphones.  So I don’t have to pay for the movies, I already own them and have them to enjoy on my home TV as well!

So I don’t have a 30Gb HDD but I can fit 8 films on my memory card or a couple less and some music, plus I can access the internet and work on documents which the iPod can’t offer me.

So why not go for the cheaper option and save buying your DVDs twice?



  1. i think you need to remeber however, that the iPod is an mp3 player, and altough your pda is very good for multifunction it does not have the same high quality chip used in ipods to give you the best sound quality for iPods, also i would like to point out that for bout £15 you can buy a peice of software that converts any movie/video to a nice size to put on your ipod!

    also to point out that the best thing for your ipod is a pair of vision goggles, which altho costly at the moment give you the same quality as your big screen tv!

  2. I wonder if that software will work for playing movies on a PSP.

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