Posted by: cehwitham | January 2, 2007

IE 7 Insanity

Some of you may have already experienced Internet Explorer 7, billed by Microsoft as their most compliant browser to date. (At last, they admit that none of their previous browsers have actually been accurate!) I must say from what I have heard and seen, it does seem to make more sense of standards compliant html and css. However looking forward to returning to work tomorrow I thought I’d check that the School Site was working properly. As usual it displayed as it should in Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and IE6. I then checked it in IE 7…

The left column appeared blank and the content that normally resides in the left column was floating over the central column blocking the main information. I thought this was probably an inheritance problem with the complicated margins in the css used to create the 3 column fluid layout. Or maybe an IE hack that was no longer required in IE 7.

A painful ache rapidly spread through my head at the thought of having to put in overtime to rebuild the template before the week is out. It is bad enough preparing for OfSTEDs visit. However as I continued to browse and look at another couple of sites, trying out the long awaited tab feature of IE my girlfriend pointed out something very puzzling…

Looking at the School Site displaying incorrectly, if I moved to another tab or program and came back to it, as expected it looked the same. And if I refreshed the School Site tab, it still displayed incorrectly. However if I moved from the School Site tab to another tab and refreshed that tab (Not the School Site tab) and then moved back to the School Site tab, the school site was displaying properly, even though I had not refreshed or made any changes to the School Site tab. If I then navigate to another page on the School Site that page displays incorrectly until I refresh another tab.

I can not think of any logic other than the fact that IE 7 is made by Microsoft!

Does anyone have any ideas?



  1. Chris
    When I looked at using IE 7 the left hand column was over the middle text as you described on your school site. Refresh did not put it right but clicking the back arrow and then forward to the page again it was OK.

    Don’t ask me why!!

  2. Very similar problem as they are almost identicle templates.

    Very bizare! It would appear that like most Microsoft Software, IE7 still has some teething problems.

    Thanks Mark.

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