Posted by: cehwitham | January 8, 2007

Go Pats!

Well done to my team The New England Patriots. One step closer to yet another Super Bowl after beating NY Jets 37-16 at home in the first round of play offs.

San Diego should be an interesting game next week after they had a bi this week. San Diego are on fire but our D had a great game tonight so hopefully we can hold them back and let Brady do his thing.

In the mean time if you have a spare minute and want some tailor made music, is my latest discovery. Well worth a listen!



  1. hey!! i must say this thing is v cool!! every1 should check it out!! great way of hearing new artists n stuff!! 🙂 cheers chris! and the guardian he tells me!! :p lol!

    (i dont know who im suppose 2 aim these comments at! you(chris) or you(whoever reads it!) so i went for both!!lol!

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