Posted by: cehwitham | January 8, 2007

Polite Notice

Driving over to Sheffield last night to see an excellent ice hockey game between the Sheffield Scimiters and the Peterbrough Phantom, I saw a very polite notice.

Driving along a national speed limit country road I was inondated with signs telling me to, “watch your speed” and “slow down”.  Personally I find these signs quite offensive and annoying, as if they are implying that I don’t know how to drive.  How rude of the government to grant me a driving license and then litter my scenic driving with signs telling me what to do.

There was one clever little sign however that did catch my eye and make me pay attention…  The sign flashed “your speed is 46mph” and then flashed, “thank you for driving carefully”.  Now there is a piece of road side technology being put to good use.

Take note council highway people, instead of abusing technology to force people to dangerously slam their brakes on as they spy a speed camera why not put it to a better use and thank us careful drivers for doing our bit.

Anyway, the journey was worth it, Sheffield won 6:4!  Thanks to Clare and family for the invite.


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