Posted by: cehwitham | January 31, 2007

Horray for Hammond

I finally got to watch the first episode of the new series of Top Gear this week.  The long wait due to Hammond’s incredible recovery to fitness was well worth it.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it and loved every minute of it.  I couldn’t stop laughing at the road resurfacing saga and Jamie Olivers lap was incredible.  If Hammond’s insanely huge crash wasn’t enough to put you off speeding for life, I don’t know what will.

I can’t wait for the rest of the series, if the first was anything to go by it’ll be edge of your seat all the way.

Well done to all who worked so hard to get Hammond back to good health.



  1. Top gear rules! i cudnt believe i when i saw the news item on the internet when it said Richard Hammond had been in a high speed car crash! i was gutted! but i had all the hope that he would be back on the show! and he is!

    i was watching a program when they interviewed Jeremry Clarkson when Richard had the crash, and they have aparently singned a contract that says if on of them have a car crash and die they have to carry on with the show but announce the death like ‘sadly Richard died in a highspeed car crash the other day………….Anyway the new (car)’ i thought that was funny!


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