Posted by: cehwitham | February 11, 2007

All Widgeted Out

I have eventually managed to find some time to sit down and have a really good play with my new mac.  I have especially tried a lot of widgets over the last few days.

Including Poker, Su Doku, tag references, system monitors and everything in between.  My favourite however must be the CallWave widget.  This very easy to use widget allows you to send text messages for free from your dashboard so long as you are connected to the internet.  I couldn’t believe it was offering free text messages so  had to give it a try.  And sure enough t sent a text message to my mobile insantly and free of charge.

Is this to god to be true?  Do you have experience of this widget?  If s drop me your comments.



  1. Sounds pretty cool, but not sure whether it’s “to god to be true”. Typos can be quite humorous but this is probably the best one I’ve read for a while. I know the macs pretty awesome but it didn’t create the universe!

  2. I was looking at Tiscali the other day. Their Tiscali Netphone software is available free and gives you free calls from your PC to other Netphone users, 1p calls to other landline phones, and half price text messages amongst other benefits. Sounds quite good but I haven’t tried it yet.

    There again there’s this thing called VOIP – but I dont’ understand that!

  3. hey chris! completly unrelated to this post! but im liking the new youth design! very slick!! nice 1

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