Posted by: cehwitham | March 17, 2007

Lock In

Last Thursday, Steve, Jake and myself took a trip to our local Apple store.  We were running tight on time having picked Jake up from work but reckoned it was worth the trip for half an hour in store and would allow Steve to pick up a few bits he needed.

Sure enough we arrived with 30 minutes till closing time and set about finding what we needed.  While Steve and myself went in search of some adapters Jake got talking to an assistant about Apple Care.

After adapters had been sourced Steve and I join Jake and an in depth conversation about Apple Care and varying discounts available.  The store was pretty much empty by this point and it wasn’t long before we decided to head off.  On the way out however I decided to check with the Genius abut ADSL compatability and the new AirPort Extreme base station.  He went out back to check up on an ethernet modem but returned empty handed.

The conversation then shifted to Apple TV and the options for connecting various sources of media.  Discussion about the iPhone and the 8 core Mac Pro processors followed but we’ll save those details for another day, not wanting anyone to loose their job!  Eventually it was time to leave but as we approached the main door we realised it was 9:20 and another assistant was having to remove all of the safety locks from the door in order to let us out.  A true lock in at the Genius Bar!

Well thank you to Steve, Jake and the guys at Apple for an interesting evening.

On the subject of cool stuff, check out my latest screen saver find,

Also I hope you’ve all seen the Leopard Spaces!  Should be a rather cool addition, although Linux have been doing it for years!


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