Posted by: cehwitham | July 5, 2007

Chris Witham is…

…A Celebrity!

Yes I have joined the ranks of Stephen Fry, Sir Patrick Moore and Brent Hoberman.  Someone thinks I am worth being so much, they have decided to pretend to be me on Facebook.  Who would have thought it hey.  From the quiet streets of Newbold to the Red Carpet without lifting a finger!

Now this story begins a few weeks ago.  A number of people had being pestering me to join Facebook, apparently the latest craze to be in on.  Now I have in the past jumped on such band wagons, MySpace and Blogger to name a few.  However I decided this time I was too busy and what precious little time I did have I needed to spend on my own blog.

I finally agreed for my friend Steve to set up a Facebook group called the “Make Chris Witham a Facebook member group” and said that if the group got 1500 members I would join Facebook.  The group seemed to take off well and I had almost decided to give in and sign up when I discovered someone had beaten me to it!  Chris Witham with my picture and details is already tagging the walls of Facebook with Graffiti.  So despite my friends best efforts I’m sorry but no can do.

So here I am, spending my precious little time on my own blog!



  1. lol! well facebook isnt that good really your not missing out! to be honest, its probably best without you!! we’re all happy now in our own little world, you would only find it boring – (all the geeky chats and computing discussions, not to mention the huuge debate about wether the iphone is really worth the money.)
    so dont worry about joining chris! you wouldnt be interested! :p

    God Bless

  2. Since when was there a debate on whether the iPhone will be worth it. We know the answer to that! Yes!

  3. lol! fine! 😛 haha

    hey man, i wanna get me own blog thing! it looks fun lol! wheres a good site to get it from?! where bouts u get these from?! or did u make em?!

    lemme know if theres any good sites lol


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