Posted by: cehwitham | January 4, 2008

Looking back…

This time last year I made a few predictions about what 2007 might have in store for us. It seems a little more than 5 minutes since then but not too much longer. So here is a recap of 2007.

Google has kept my custom, unlike MySpace. The Google team seem to be doing to the web what Tesco are doing to the real world. I use Google apps more every day. Especially now their free IMAP service pushes my email out to my iPhone as soon as it is sent to me. Docs, Spreadsheets and Calendar all play their part in my day to day life not to mention Google Maps (Also an iPhone favourite!), Translate and Code. The list goes on.

I questioned in my first post of last year whether it would be the year I finally jumped of the Microsoft Ship. Well I didn’t make it out of January before I jumped ship to Apple and sailed off to freedom, only looking back to laugh at Vista! Apple continue to serve me well, I haven’t had a single crash all year and Mac OSX has just made life so much easier. Did I mention I bought an iPhone?! Or should I say, my fiancée bought me an iPhone.

I have heard a lot of negative comments about the iPhone, mostly from envious people who can’t see art when it is poking them in the eye. It is truly a great tool and a must have for anyone, not just the geek. The main missing component that people laugh at is its inability to Media Message. But this is an old technology, cut loose from support like Netscape Navigator. It is time to move on people, and mobile email is the way forward. The iPhone only SMS’s because so many people haven’t caught up with the new mobile possibilities.

Well I certainly got involved this past year, I have done a lot of web development as part of my job and also away from the office. I was even coerced into Facebook! As I previously said my MySpace account has been deleted, there is only space for one so called Social Networking application in my life and Facebook just has so much more to offer.

I all most forgot to mention amongst my techy ramblings, congrats to the New England Patriots, 16-0! A perfect season, lets just make sure we win in Arizona, roll on Bowl party!

Before I can think about 2008 and what I plan to do tomorrow I need some sleep. So I’ll look forward to your comments and retire for the night.

Best regards



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