Posted by: cehwitham | January 11, 2008

Mac OSX Mercury

It’s seemed like a very long week back at work so I’ve not had much time to write posts but I have had a good look around the large proportion of the internet that I never visit.  On my travels I found Mac OS X Mercury.

Built mainly using JavaScript by Marcus Strehlow it shows just how far this technology can be pushed to create a very unusable but incredibly interesting web interface.  Marcus has released the source code and encourages others to look into using the framework for their own personal blogs to provide content in the enlightened way he saw information presented in OS X Tiger.

I can not decide if I like it more as a piece of art or as a functional website.  It is a very fresh idea for a use of the well established concept of the desktop environment.  Either way it is an incredible achievement  and a wonderful product made  even better by Marcus’ generosity in keeping it Open Source.

Now it is even easier to share the love of the Mac, Mercury runs in most web browsers on both Mac and PC.


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