Posted by: cehwitham | March 4, 2008

BBC Homepage – My comments…

My first reaction to the Beta test of the page and also this morning when I realised it had gone live was something like, “My life! What is this Web 2.0 monstrosity that has taken over the BBC?!” It doesn’t reflect anything of the image of how I picture the BBC, slightly old fashioned, cosy, a bit fusty but very friendly and British.  That’s how I like my BBC and this just seemed to fresh and modern, like your Granddad wearing your kid’s new fashionable clothes.

However on reflection, the web designer within me really likes the design.  It’s clean cut, modern, fresh, and stylish.  It is a great piece of design and it’s grown on me very quickly.  It’s easy to find what you need and draws on the familiar customisable homepage I am used to on iGoogle.  Great job people, great job.

At least the analogue clock keeps a small link back to the good old days of fustiness.


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