A little about me…

I’m Chris, ICT Manager by day, Freelance Web Designer by night. Having been in web design for nearly a decade I strive to keep up with the fast pace changes and exciting advances in the internet realm. I try and pause and look back every now and again just to see how far we have come in the last 10 years. It seems that as soon as something is deemed impossible it is solved. I like this and try to be one of the solvers. One of the open minded “can do” people not an impossibility maker.



  1. Nice learning more about you Chris. Now, what is your username on Sitepoint? 🙂

  2. My username on site point is crome. Thanks for checking in Sara.

  3. heya… how you doing? I foung this from your msn name hope you dont mind. nice site, just needs filling out now.


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